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Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th September 2007

Congresshalle Saarbrücken

International specialist congress: "Multilingualism in Early Childhood as a Building Block in a Successful Educational Biography“

Saarland and the Département Moselle have been actively involved in teaching the language of their respective neighbours to children at Kindergarten and the Ecole Maternelle for many years. Since the year 2000, the language of the neighbouring country is also taught at pre-school institutions on both sides of the border as part of the project "Qualifying and exchanging young educators from the Département Moselle and Saarland for the purpose of conveying bilingual and bicultural skills. This project is promoted by the European Union's INTERREG fund. The didactic concept of this bilingual education is based on the immersion principles.

On 17th and 18th September 2007, the partners responsible for this project – Saarland Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Conseil Général de la Moselle, the Christliche Erwachsenenbildung Merzig-Hilbringen and the Inspéction Académique Nancy-Metz – are holding an international congress in Saarbrücken, the state capital, on the subject of "Multilingualism in Early Childhood as a Building Block in a Successful Educational Biography“. It is directed at educators, teachers, academics, parents and all those interested in the subject matter.


Here are a few of the subject areas which will be presented:

Possibilities and limits of acquiring a second language in early childhood
Teaching a second language to young children within the scope of the European Community
Teaching a second language to young children against the background of the pre-school educational programme
Concepts and schemes for teaching the language of a neighbouring country in border regions
Concepts and schemes for teaching a second language
Networking language teaching schemes with the general national or regional language promotion schemes
International examples from Europe and other continents


Saarland Ministry of Education
Culture and Science
Eva Hammes-Di Bernardo
Consultant for Language Development
and Educational Matters in Kindergartens

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